Free Company Budget Templates (Excel, PDF)

small company budget template excel

A company budget template is a quantity and itemized summary of company’s income or expenses over a specific period of time. It is an important tool to prioritize the expenditure of your company’s income. Planning of sales and revenue, resources, and costs commonly includes in it. To stay within the specified amount of budget, it consists of strategic activities.

Moreover, every developing company requires a solid and encouraging budget business plan to stay in the sea of entrepreneurs.

The benefits of keeping a company budget template:

Let us discuss below some advantages of budgeting;

  • The main objective of budgeting is make a management thinks long term. However, if company doesn’t achieve its objective then still it has prepared the company in financial problems that may surface.
  • When operating the business, it controls resources to use. It also enhances the use of resources within reach in order to stay in budget.
  • If managers get stuck with the budget plan and get out rewards for good jobs then it serves as an evaluation tool for the management to assess their performances.
  • This document helps you in communicating between the people in the management. In the planning, you should place everything into place in order to avoid confusion between employees.
  • It is crucial in creating a business plan. This is because a new business requires to present a convincing business plan to achieve a capital.

Furthermore, there are different types of budget templates for;

  • Construction companies
  • Trucking companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Small companies
  • Startup companies

How to make your own company budget plan?

At first, you have to calculate your company’s income resources. Figure out your earning in monthly basis. You should begin with sales figures and then add income sources. Provide fixed costs that are the fixed expenses should be charged in each month. Also, note variable costs that refer to the items that do not have fixed prices. You should also have to prepare yourself for extra costs that these may require. It is also important to keep an expenditures checklist.


In conclusion, a company budget template is an essential tool in order to prioritize the expenditure of your company. However, planning a company budget is a headache but it is essential. It makes you able to keep your business in control. This also assists you in keeping your business growing and makes a name in the world.

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