Free Attendance Sheet Templates for [Employees, Student, Training]

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An attendance sheet is an official document used to show who attended a particular event. For every concerned individual, it assists in keeping attendance track. Depending on the institutions, there are many types of attendance sheet.

The benefits of attendance sheet:

The main purpose of attendance sheet is to keep track and manage attendance of the involved entities. For tracking the presence, contribution, and absence of an individual it is a helpful document. With the help of an attendance sheet, you can effectively determine and solve a problem. Moreover, it should be printed on A4 or letter size or standard size.

Different types of attendance sheets:

Student Attendance Sheet:

As its name implies, this attendance sheet is used in school. The main objective of this sheet is to record student class attendance. The name of the class or group, the subject, location, time and the date are mentioned in it. It also contains rows and columns that include student details and marked present, absent, or late.

Attendance Sheet for Companies and Employees:

Attendance sheet is also used in companies, industries, and business to track employees’ job attendance. It also consists of rows and columns, employee’s name, the month, and day. Depending on the institution, it is used to record sick leave, work shifts, personal time, job attendance, and other activities.

Training Attendance Sheet:

This sheet is sued to track the trainee training attendance. It consists of;

  • the trainer name
  • training location
  • date
  • time
  • the program
  • level
  • reference

All these details are located on the top of this sheet. The rest of the sheet includes rows and columns where the name of each trainee and signature are affixed.

Timesheet Attendance Sheet:

It is used to calculate the working hours and for tracking employee’s time in and time out of work. With the help of this document, the HR manager process accurate payroll. At the top, it contains the name of the employee and the classification like daily, weekly or monthly. The first row indicates;

  • the date
  • start time
  • finish time
  • regular hours
  • overtime hours
  • vacation, holiday
  • the total time


In conclusion, an attendance sheet is used to track the attendance of the individuals in a simple and professional way. You can also download attendance sheet template as it contains all of the fields that you need on such a document. This template enables you to do all that you need in regard to tracking attendance.

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