29+ Free Printable Business Hours Templates [Word]

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The business hours template is a document that indicates the opening and closing time for the business. This document helps the client to understand well the best time to visit the business. It provides instructions to the employees on the time to report to work and the time to depart.

What identifies business hours?

There are the common factors that identify the business hours. Let us discuss below;


The business world is a competitive field. Every business scrambles for whatever business opportunity avails itself. From the traditional 5 pm closing time, to between 8 pm and 10 pm, many businesses have reconsidered extending. You may also like Business Bill of Sale Form.

Change of shopping styles

Due to different dynamics of life such as employment and higher education, people are changing their shopping hours. Retail businesses are also affected by the change in shopping styles as they have to adjust their client’s demands.

Technological development

Nowadays, technology has changed the way people communicate. Moreover, it has also changed the way of business transactions like order requests, payments, online shopping, deliveries, and other service-related issues. At any time of the 24-hour cycle, it is now possible to shop online, place an order, and make payment. Hence, to accommodate online traffic, many businesses are changing their business hours.

Seasonal businesses

During the high seasons, businesses like the naturally seasonal tourism industry adjust their business hours and may even operate for 24 hours. They shift back during the low season. On the other hand, during the Christmas season, Halloween, and black Friday, the businesses that capitalize set their business hours to accommodate the high flows of the client both physically and online.

The importance of business hours:

Here is the importance of business hours of operation templates;

  • By availing information to the customers on what hours your business opens and the closing time, business hours provide improved customer services. The clients will stay within your timelines by learning what hours they can call or visit your business. When the client calls you and it keeps ringing without being answered or dropping a conversation online and gets no response, their calling off time will feel discouraged.
  • It aware your clients of changes in business hours when there is a requirement to adjust due to pick seasons or a change in shopping trends.
  • Office hour’s template may help increase sales volumes. This is because when your clients learn your opening and closing time then they will know how to adjust or visit your business during the operational hours. You should also check Billing Invoice Templates.

Types of business hours templates:

You can have different types of business hours templates. Let us discuss them below;

Office hours template

This template is created for clients. With the help of this template, they gain knowledge on what time your business opens and what time it closes. Then, they plan accordingly on when to visit your business or call.

Employee business hours template

This is made for the employees particularly for the company that works in shifts. It is an internal document that informs employees when each shift starts and when it ends. There may be shifts that are divided into six hours each. These shifts are named as the first shift, second shift, third shift, and so on.

Holiday hours template

During the high seasons like during the Christmas season, Halloween, and black Friday, this template is used. It is created to aware clients on extended opening and closing times.

Special cases business hours templates

Businesses that may boom from an unexpected angle or because of seasonal games, population census season, and more used a special case business hours template. They extend their business time to tap on the short business opportunity.


In conclusion, a business hours template is a document that improves your relationship with your clients. It plays a significant role in communicating to your customers if you are open or not.

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