33+ Free Editable Catalog Templates [Word]

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A catalog template is an effective sales tool used in the market that contains a list of available goods that’s presented so that it’s quickly understood. Creating a product catalog template or service catalog template take much effort and marketing professionals are aware of this. But, a great catalog can be very beneficial for your sales.

Types of catalog templates:

Here is the most popular types of catalog templates;

Supply Catalogs

This type of catalog is used in business-to-business relationships. A supply catalog is used to sell your products or services to customers and other businesses. Generally, it includes the following;

  • Your products
  • Their perspective item numbers
  • Pricing
  • Contact information
  • Shipping information
  • Minimum orders

Retail Catalogs

Businesses use the retail catalogs while their products or services would cater directly to the public. The design of this catalog must capture the client’s attention. The retail catalog should have an “IT” or a “WOW” factor to achieve this. In each page, high-quality images of your products or services laid out professionally. This will impress clients into buying. You may also like company profile templates.

Digital Catalogs

Nowadays, due to the fast advancement of technology, it is important that we are now involved with digital catalogs. By having an option for online purchasing, you can send a digital catalog to clients via emails. Moreover, you can download your catalog fast by using the right apps.

How to create your catalog template?

Here are some pointers that you can follow while creating your catalog;

Gather product information

Before purchasing the product, product information generally assists clients in making their choice. Clients will look for this information when they open catalog. So, you should gather all the details regarding each of the products.

Gather product images

Likewise product information, clients also notice the images first. You should ensure that inserted images are clearly showcasing your product’s features. Also, make sure the images should be of a high-resolution and a professional photographer.

Organize your layout

After having product information and image, create the layout of the catalog’s different sections. You should hire the services of a professional graphic designer in case you have no experience doing this. The graphic designer makes sure that you bring all of the pieces together to create a readable format.

Ensure that you use attention-grabbing elements

If you use design elements and style trends that can attract the reader’s attention, then it becomes a lot easier for clients to get interested in and connect with your product. Furthermore, to get included in your catalog, you may want to consider these popular design styles;

  • Still-life photos or images
  • Vibrant colors
  • Illustrative photos

Find out a printing company that offers wholesale printing of catalogs

You should look for the services of a professional catalog printing company. Their past works definitely will speak for themselves. This makes sure that they will deliver a catalog that will be well-created. Find out the printing companies that offer shining testimonials from customers, affordable rates, and reliable service.

In addition, you should also ensure that the designer includes a “quiet area” of 1/4-inches and a bleed area of 1/8-inches while creating the catalog. You should again recheck the layout and ensure that all of the images you have added in the template have a high-resolution.

To the catalog printing company, send your final and approved design

Perform one last check before sending the final design of the catalog for printing. This is done to check whether you’ve ordered the pages correctly in one file or not. Also, provide the printer ample time to deliver the final product. It is also suggested to request a printed copy before you have several copies printed. You should also check scope of work templates.


In conclusion, a catalog template is the most effective tool that indicates what you have to offer in the most efficient way. A well-designed catalog grabs the attention of thousand customers. You must organize the information to include in its pages while making a catalog.

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