27+ Free Comparison Chart Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

quarterly sales data visualization chart template

A comparison chart template is an effective tool used for comparing two or more things, their difference, similarities, pros and cons that assists in making best decision quickly. Comparison is difficult sometimes but by using charts and graphs it becomes easier to understand. Making a chart is the best way to compare and contrast a certain number of parameters.

Furthermore, a comparison chart is a visual comparison tool used by organizations to analyze the progress of different data groups. They can also be used in various other fields in order to find the prominent one among a group. It is an essential aspect in business and in scientific fields. The comparison charts are best to use when you are looking for something specific such as buying something. This chart provides you look at their advantages, disadvantages, prices, reviews, features, etc.


What is a comparison chart?

A comparison chart is an efficient way to compare two or more objects, events, processes, or groups of data. It includes quantitative or qualitative information. A comparison chart is also known as a comparison diagram.

What are different types of comparison charts that most commonly used?

There are following comparison charts that are most commonly used;

  • Line charts
  • Bar charts
  • Histograms
  • Pie charts
  • Cartesian charts
  • Area charts
  • Scatter plot charts

Which chart is most effective for comparison?

You should use a bar chart in order to compare things between different groups or to track changes over time. Likewise, you can a line graph in case you want to track changes over short and long periods.

What are the advantages of using a comparison chart?

Let us discuss below the advantages of using a comparison chart;

  • They are very easy to draft.
  • They are easy to understand.
  • The comparison chart makes estimations quick.
  • They are approachable to a wide range of audience.
  • A chart provides the data comparison at a glance.
  • These charts assist in summarizing a large amount of data.

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