35+ Free Printable Driver Log Book Templates [Word]

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A driver log book template is a document used by bus drivers, train drivers, company drivers, and taxi drivers to monitor and document the daily trips and activities. They have to record everything they are doing in order to make sure that they are doing their jobs well. It serves as a basis for the drivers’ salary.

What does a driver log book typically include?

A driver log book usually contains four major parts. These parts have 24 boxes each to represent the number of hours in a day. The four parts display the shifts of the drivers are;

  • on-duty
  • driving
  • sleeper
  • off-duty

During filling up the log book, in the proper section, draw a line across the hours that indicate your shift for that day. It generally includes the following sections;

  • the name of the driver
  • the employee number
  • tractor numbers
  • shipping numbers
  • how many hours the driver worked

How to complete a driver log book?

You should follow the below steps to use the log properly;

  • Your driver log book has enough space so that it contains all the required information. You should start filling out the form with basic information before start driving. The basic information may include;
  1. the name the motor carrier
  2. address of the motor carrier
  3. the number of your truck
  4. any shipping documents
  5. shipping details
  • We have discussed above that log has grids which span for 24 hours. You have to list down all of your activities appropriately. From the start of your shift to the end, document these activities in the log’s grid.
  • If you take a break from driving then draw a line from the driving section to the “off-duty” section. Mention the time duration you spent on your break. Bear in mind that you have to record all the activities you do.
  • Then, go to the remark section. Explain all the activities you have done. Also, indicate that where you were every time you changed your activity. Don’t forget to mention the town or city and the state you are in. To assure the accuracy of your statement, indicate the nearest landmark.
  • When you have completed your shift, come up with a tally that state how much time you had spent on all activities. Write down the total number of hours. Then, ensure that they all add up to one whole day. After that, list down the total number of miles you had driven in the entire shift.

How to fill out a driver log book?

Filling out a driver log book effectively is of the great importance. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you have to fill in the necessary information on the document. Here are some tips on how to fill out a driver log book;

  1. At first, write down the complete address of your company.
  2. Provide the home terminal address. It states where the dispatcher issues from.
  3. Mention the number of hours you have spent on your shift.
  4. Note down the odometer reading and the total distance you driven at the end of shift.
  5. If any accident or breakdown occurs then document them carefully. Moreover, provide information about the state and the city where these incidents took place.
  6. Don’t use abbreviations for cities, spell out their names completely. But you can use abbreviations for states.
  7. The in charge of driving several vehicles of a whole day has to list all of the vehicles on the log.
  8. Write everything in legible writing and in the end affix your signature.


In conclusion, a driver log book template contains information about the maintenance and performance of the drivers. This document also contains the information of their vehicles after each shift. It’s better to keep this document for a longer time if you have space for the files.

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