Free Employee Database Template [Excel]

employee database template excel

An employee database template is a software based application. It deals with various databases such as tables, forms, reports, queries, and other multiple objects. It states the company’s legal information and basic information related to HR management.

What is an employee database?

An employee database is an official document that includes all the work-related information of an employee. It contains employee’s all information i.e. when he joined the company until his recent position in the company. When an employee joins the company, a folder is assigned to him. The employee’s keep on adding up to the folder as the time passes. Moreover, it contains all information related to the employee such as pay stub of employee, number of leaves taken by the employee, etc. You should also check the mis report format in excel.

Format of an Employee Database:

Depending on the kind of company, an employee database can be made in different layouts and designs. You can follow the below format;

  • At the start of the database, place the name of the company generating it to keep the record of their employees.
  • Right next to the name, insert the logo of the company. You can also place a watermark in the center.
  • In the first column of the table, place the name of the employees followed by the column stating their respective jobs or responsibilities.
  • In the next column, provide the details for the job duties.

However, you can also download employee database templates to keep a track of working schedule of each employee.

Purpose of an employee database:

The purpose of employee database is clear. You have to include the mission statement that indicates the objectives of the company regarding their human assets. The employee database includes the basic key terms and their definition. It also contains the discipline and the conduct policies. Most importantly, it assists the company to manage information about their employee easily.

Benefits of employee database:

Employee database is like a handbook that contains valuable information. This document provides various benefits. Some of them are as follow;

  1. Employee database comes in handy when an employee violates the employee agreement. Employer uses it to take legal action against the employee.
  2. During a calendar year, it helps in keeping a check on the employee’s performance.
  3. Annual or random increments are based on the database files. On the basis of the database, employers decide whether an increment is given to the employee or not.
  4. By keeping all the record in this document builds pressure on the employees. They provide their best to be in the good books.
  5. This document enhances the overall engagement of its employees.


In conclusion, an employee database template is a useful tool that keeps track of employee’s performance. It increases the efficiency of the company’s work. You can create it in the form of an individual detailed folder or simply a spreadsheet of all the employees working in the company.

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