Free Printable Employee Warning Notice Form [MS Word]

An employee warning notice form is issued to the employee by the organization management or the human resource department. This document notifies the employee that his conduct is unacceptable with regard to the organization’s policies or standards. This form is also considered as a formal acknowledgment of employees’ misconduct. This also notifies the employee to change his/her actions failure otherwise further actions will be taken including dismissal.

What information should be included in an employee warning form?

Following information should be included in an employee warning form;

Employment details:

The employees’ names, addresses, phone numbers, employment numbers, and job positions are included in it.

Organizational details:

In this section, indicate the name of the organization, the official address, and the location. Also, you have to include the manager/supervisor’s name and the human resource manager.

Transgression details:

You have to clearly demonstrate the infractions made by the employee to the organization. Make sure to involve the policy or rule broken by the transgression.

Areas of improvement:

Here, you should mention what the employee requires to do in order to improve.


Here, you should state that if employee refuses to improve on the above-stated areas then he would face strict actions.

Employees’ comments:

You can also include a part for the employee to air their comments on the basis of the letter. Also, affix your signature to make it an agreement.

The significance of employee warning form:

The following are the importance of issuing the form to employees;

  • This form prevents the employer from being sued by the employee due to undefined dismissal. As a human we are bound to make mistake but making mistake doesn’t require call for immediate dismissal. Therefore, you should avoid legal battles with your employee. You can do this by notifying them of their mistake using the employee warning form.
  • This form also makes the employee re-assess themselves. This way, they start thinking about how to improve their behaviors.
  • You can use this form to redefine expectations and works ethics. This reminds the employee that what he/she is doing is wrong and unaccepted.
  • It assists you in improving your organization’s reputation. Your organization will be tainted with a bad image if you are firing employees without warning.
  • Furthermore, the form assists in retaining good and special employees. You should keep in mind that mistakes are everywhere so never fires your good employees immediately.

How to give the employee warning form?

Below are some helpful tips that you can use;

  • You should ensure that you give the form in an office as it is a formal letter.
  • Before following with a written form, you should first issue a verbal warning.
  • You should follow the procedures that are highlighted in the company’s policies and regulations.
  • You have to ensure that you gather enough information about the incident.
  • You must have the right to issue the form otherwise the employee may take legal advantage.
  • In your employee warning form, you have to be specific.

In what situations will employee warning form apply?

There are several circumstances where an employer can issue a warning form to the employee. However, the circumstances are based on the organizations guiding policies and standards. Below are some common situations;

  • Employee isn’t fulfilling job requirements.
  • With no valid reason, employee is absent for work.
  • Employee has breached confidentiality measures.
  • An employee steals from the company or from the colleagues.
  • At work premises, employee consumes alcohol or any other illegal substance.
  • They submit wrong or false documents as records.


In conclusion, an employee warning notice form is a formal document given to the employee in cases he conducts any misbehavior. This form is usually issued by wrong or false documents as records. These misbehaviors may refer to low or poor output, poor time management, failure to do certain tasks, etc.

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