24+ Free Event Planning Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

event planning management template

An event planning template is a document that serves as a guide while planning an event. Since there a lot of things that go into planning an event, this document covers all that bases. With the help of this document, the whole process of planning an event can become easier.

How to plan an event?

Let us discuss step-by-step on how to plan an event;

Identify the goals and objectives of the event:

At first, ask yourself what the purpose and objective of the event is. Everything you add to it should all be geared towards completing your objective. In this way, you can properly manage and channel towards obtaining success.

Collecting a functional team to execute:

Without having a number of the hands-on-deck, no event can be successfully planned. You need a team to become successful in each area of an event. Generally, it includes the following;

  • destination organizers
  • speakers
  • celebrities or a chairperson
  • entertainment
  • sponsors
  • a manager for the workforce

You have to assign each member a particular task.

Plan your finances and come up with a budget:

For a successful event, a budget is very important. It makes you able to plan and execute accordingly. It also eliminates a ton of risks that come with event-planning like as unexpected costs or last-minute expenses that aren’t affordable.

After identifying your needs, you should do some research and identify how much you have to assign towards each particular item.

Finalize your location and date:

Finalize your location, the date, and time is important before starting with organizing the rest of your event. Your all planning depends on these three factors. Also, consider a few things that how the venue suits your particular event and its objectives, facilities, availability of staff.

Consistency is selling your event:

You have to make sure a wide range of people hears about your event if it isn’t limited to invitees. Branding is specifically important while doing so. Your campaign will reflect on following;

  • why your target audience should attend
  • what sets it apart from others
  • in an easy-to-access manner, give all the relevant information

Furthermore, you should develop a certain degree of consistency, aesthetically speaking as it can create an illusion in the consumer’s mind.

Plan the event’s agenda:

At a steady space, a well-planned event should move from one attraction to another. Never stagnate as it leads to disengagement amongst your attendees. This is also strongly relatable to the goals and objectives of the event itself. Pay attention of the purpose of the event, the type of people you desire to grab, and the general theme of the event.

Community outreach:

You need words of your event to spread amongst your targeted audience and through their respective social circles. For involving your community with your event, this may also present you with opportunities. You should do your research and check what local companies have built a presence in that area.

Consider the technology on hand:

It’s a fact that organizing an event can be difficult as there are a number of different things that you have to manage. So, taking advantage of the technology on hand in that case is highly recommended. To keep invitees/attendees in the loop, confirm attendance, and sending reminders, you should use emails and texts.


Now, you have everything prepped and ready to go. It’s time to increase the number of attendees. For this, you have to market your event. This includes a variety of purposes. It will directly enhance the number of people who attend. It is recommended to invest even more time and resources into marketing your event.

Ensuring success:

After setting your marketing plan in motion, you have a better idea of how the event is going. The last thing is left that is to ensure success. For this, double-checking everything is highly recommended.

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