30+ Best Executive Summary Templates [MS Word]

executive summary template

An executive summary template is a formal document that contains a concise summary of a longer report or proposal. It highlights the essential points, problems, solutions, findings and conclusions. Generally, it is written for an outside audience or executive. It enables the reader to take an overview of essentials without having to read all of the materials.

Moreover, it is known as executive summary because the executive doesn’t have the time to read the entire report. This summary is used in business plans, investment proposals, project proposals, internal reports, etc.

How to create an effective executive summary?

At first, clearly state that what your executive summary is for. The main purpose of this summary is to capture the reader’s interest and indicate them the potential in the business or project. The executive summary should be 1 to 3 pages long and written in the third person. Write it in paragraphs that are short and concise. Likewise the full business plan, it should be written in the same order.

Furthermore, don’t make the executive summary too long. Avoid over-explaining things or getting off-topic. Ensure that it doesn’t sound like sales pitch. Keep in mind that you aren’t advertising to the masses means don’t over-inflating your claims or projections.

Basic elements of an executive summary:

A basic layout of executive summary should contain the following;

  • A summary
  • Company’s description
  • A market analysis
  • Organization’s description
  • Team management outline
  • Product line
  • Marketing plan
  • Request for funding
  • Where fund will be used
  • Financial projections

Knowing your audience:

Knowing your audience is essential. This is because it serves a few potential purposes;

  • Your summary to be read by others so it is important to identify either they read your full business report. These are the people who are experts in the subject you are writing about. You just have to provide a broad summary of your longer report.
  • The audience can see either the full report would be of interest or relevant to them.
  • May be your audience don’t want to go through the entire report. Remember, audiences are the people that you need to be concerned with the most.


In conclusion, an executive summary template is an effective tool that allows you to create an effective summary of your report. It engages your readers and provides the full idea without reading the entire report. The content of the summary depends on your audience.

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