33+ Professional Film Shooting Schedule Templates (Excel, Word, PDF)

film production schedule template

A film shooting schedule template is a tool that makes sure timely productions of film drama and commercials. The film crew follows the shooting schedule till the last step of film making, dramas, and so on. The shooting schedule is considered as the soul of film, drama and commercial production.

Role of assistant director in film shooting schedule:

Assistant Director is the only individual who is responsible for the shooting schedule. He has all the responsibilities that are assigned the director of the project. The assistant director makes the shooting schedule plans. The film shooting template contains this tool, document, and strategy in the assistant director’s approach.

Shooting schedule in production houses:

In any production house, the producer has right to reject shooting schedules, tools, plans, documents, and templates in preparation for any production. To manage your time efficiently, you can see the sample or example of film shooting schedule template.

What to include in a film shooting schedule template?

You should include the following key elements in the shooting schedule;

  • Shooting date
  • Shooting Time
  • Number of scenes
  • Director name
  • Assistant director
  • Cameraman
  • Producer name
  • Music director
  • Runner
  • Story writer presence
  • Lightning
  • Dress designer
  • Spot boy

Furthermore, for film making, software, workbook, layout, Test screening, and Animation is necessary. All these are essential in any type of film and drama making industry. Also, the schedule has space and flexibility to reverse and change the shooting.

Security of production crew:

Security of the team is an essential factor in the accomplishment of any showbiz shooting schedule production without its crew losses. For production personnel, outsiders caused insecurity. Since the crew is busy in their assigned role on shooting spots so the Assistant director arranges security for the crew.

The importance of timing in shooting schedule:

Without the timing plan, the shooting schedule is incomplete. In shooting schedules and in time completion of any showbiz project, timing is an important factor. It is the responsibility of the assistant director to inform the entire film crew about the timing.

Factors that affect the shooting schedule:

Shooting schedule is affected by the following factors;


In changing the schedule, the weather is an essential factor. Due to rain, storm, etc the assistant director has to change shooting schedule template.


Death is the universal truth and an integral part of life. The death of a significant individual is become the cause of changing the shooting schedule.


If someone very significant in shooting schedules falls ill, the assistant director then has to change the schedule.

Irresponsibility of crew

The shooting schedule also changes due to the irresponsibility of the actors and actresses that make lame excuses while shooting is expected.

Security risks

The security risk is an important factor in changing shooting schedules. Due to security risk location areas, sometimes shooting schedules have to be reversed.

Seven stages of film production:

According to the shooting schedule, the following stages have to face the director and assistant director and other members of the team from the beginning step to the distribution of film;

  1. Preparation of film’s script
  2. Pre-production discussion
  3. Assign of allotted duties of the crew
  4. Preparation of photography
  5. Wrap
  6. Post-production
  7. Distribution of film


In conclusion, a film shooting schedule template is an essential tool for making film, dramas and commercials. It contains the rules that production houses have to follow. The schedule is followed by the entire team till completion of any production in the showbiz field.

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