20+ Free General Ledger Templates (Excel, Word)

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A general ledger template is used by the company, industry, or business to prepare all financial statements relating to all assets and liabilities. This document keeps track of the date, particulars, reference number, and total amount. They all are the main key of any industry, company, and business. It includes the following information;

  • the product name
  • customer name
  • voucher number of receipt delivered to a client
  • remaining balance

General ledger summary:

A general ledger summary demonstrates the set of all accounts that summarizes all transitions establishing within an organization. It includes all the accounts currently using in a chart of performance. It is sorted by customer’s account number. Moreover, within each account number, the individual level transitions or summary level postings from sublevel ledgers are noted. They are also sorted by transaction date wise. In the general ledger, each entry has a reference number that explains the source of information. With the help of this document, it becomes easy to search information relating to inquiry. It is also an important source of accounting information.

Different formats of general ledger template:

General ledger template in MS Word:

For small or large business, it is an essential component for all accounting operations. MS word general ledger template is available in printable format to sort and store balance sheets.

General ledger template in MS Excel:

With the help of this document, business manages billing statements in monthly payments of different suppliers and vendors. It is available in a lot of images. You can easily download it and use it to keep the record of your company.

General ledger template in PDF:

It is a pre-designed spreadsheet that keeps your accounts on the right track and becomes the base for preparing different financial accounts. You can sue it to formulate financial statements and trial balances.

General ledger accounting:

In accounting department, it is an essential document that provides details of all the company’s accounting transactions. It is helpful for small business owners because they take financial benefits from its functioning. Moreover, general ledger sorts, stores, and summarizes a company’s transactions. It also provides record and accounting. This is then used in the general ledger accounts to sort out all income statements and balance sheets and commerce.


In conclusion, a general ledger template is a useful tool used in accounting department of any organization. It is used to prepare all financial statements relevant to all assets and liabilities. The general ledger is basically a process in which entries from the public record on daily basis are periodically transferred to logs accounts.

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