Free Motivation Questionnaire Template (Word, PDF)

job motivation questionnaire template

The motivation questionnaire template is a helpful document used to understand and examine the situations that enhance or reduce your power and motivation at work. The motivation questionnaire evaluates twenty dimensions and covers three key sectors. These key sectors are;

  • Self-Determination Theory-Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Relatedness

The main purpose of motivation:

The main purpose of employee’s motivation is to make a condition in which people are ready to work with care and enthusiasm. The motivation makes the people able to work with a high personal and group moralistic satisfaction with a sight of efficiency.

The benefits of motivation:

For an organization, motivation is very important because of the following benefits;

  • The motivation brings human resources into action.
  • It generates the level of ability of employees.
  • This helps in creating a friendly relationship.
  • This provides instructions to the attainment of organizational goals.
  • The motivation results to the balance of workforce.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

How does motivation act on employee’s productivity?

Within the workplace, motivation levels have a straight impact on employee’s productivity. The employees that are motivated and passionate about their job can do their duties to the best of their ability. Also, they develop the best production number as a result.

What is the importance of motivation?

People should be motivated to work hard. In management, motivation is considered a human factor. To put his struggles in the right direction to achieve his goal, motivation signifies the willingness of an individual.

What are the factors of motivation?

Operators of human behavior are connected to the fundamental nature of the work. But, it is not linked to the surrounding conditions or environment. Motivating factors involve;
1- Accomplishment
2- Progression
3- Liberty
4- Personal growth
5- Identification
6- Liability
7- The work itself

What are the types of motivation?

Below are the major types of motivation;
1- Achievement Motivation
2- Affiliation Motivation
3- Competence Motivation
4- Power Motivation
5- Attitude Motivation
6- Incentive Motivation
7-Fear Motivation

How to motivate people?

You can motivate people into following ways;
1- Tell the people what you want them to try and do.
2- Set the amount of time that you are asking for.
3- Do emotional blackmailing.
4- Provide them many reasons for doing what you want them to do.
5- Tell a motivational story.

Why motivation is necessary in the workplace?

Employee’s motivation is important in order to meet the company’s goals. Company may be placed in a risky situation without a motivated workplace. Motivated employees give raise to productivity. They make an organization able to attain higher levels of output.

Is motivation important for student success?

On students’ learning and behavior, motivation has huge impact. It directs behavior toward suitable objectives. It enhances students’ time on task. It also increases cognitive processing. Moreover, motivation plays an important role in moving their learning and accomplishment.

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