8 Simple Pareto Chart Templates (Excel)

free pareto chart creator template

A Pareto chart template is a graph diagram of both bars and a line charts. Individual values are displayed in the form of bars in descending order while the grand total is presented by the line. This chart can be very useful where expensive programming is not available in the organization. In this situation, a dynamic Pareto outline format provides reasonable instructions to professionals.

When to use a Pareto chart?

  • You can use it to perform an analysis on data to discuss the frequency of problems in a process.
  • In order to concentrate on the most important problem out of many you can use it.
  • It is useful for doing an analysis on broad factors.
  • A Pareto chart helps you a lot during dealing with others about the data.

What is the Pareto principle?

According to Pareto principle, 80% of the effects stem from 20% of the causes. However, the actual numbers may be different from case-to-case. In many businesses, Pareto principle is used as a guiding principle.

How to make an Excel Pareto Chart?

  • At first, go to insert.
  • Then, click Insert Static Chart. Under histogram, select Pareto.
  • To create a Pareto chart, you can also use All charts tab in recommended charts. You just have to Click Insert > Recommended Charts > All Charts tab.

What is a Pareto Analysis?

For doing a Pareto analysis, you should include general and specific compounds. This makes sure that you are not eschewing any. If you are more particular then there are more chances to accomplish it successfully. You should take a gander at where the line diagram crosses 80% in a Pareto analysis. It is also important to take the classifications to one side of the point that is your most noteworthy variables.

How to add or delete categories?

This template is so user-friendly that you can easily delete rows or copy and insert rows. You can do this without messing up the formulas. In the table, beneath the principal line or over the last line, you should embed lines. This way, the references to the table extend to incorporate the new lines.

Why should you use a Pareto chart?

In illustrating the root causes of a situation, this chart is very useful and helpful tool. These charts are used in Six Sigma and other major project management methodologies. They can be easily designed. Moreover, for inventory control Pareto charts are very useful. You can use it to analyze the cumulative contribution to sales among salesmen and regions. You should use a single vertical scale with a Pareto because the dual axis causes more confusion.

What are the benefits of using dual axis?

You can format the axis, axis name, and axis numbers with the same color by using a dual axis. You can also play with the idea of changing axis colors.

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