Professional Performance Evaluation Form (Word, PDF)

numerical scale performance review form

Performance evaluation form is used to measure the employee’s work performance. A good employee evaluation is a main key element to the success of any business performance. This can be only possible by using a performance evaluation form.

How to use a performance evaluation?

The management should provide proper growth and feedback opportunities for the employee’s personal and professional development. Through email or one on one conversation, you can receive the feedback. Moreover, the feedback can also be provided through performance review meetings. In this meeting, you just have to pay attention specifically on the employee’s general performance and his/her role within the company. You can use the various methods in performance evaluation including;

  • The HR accounting method
  • Psychological appraisals
  • BARS (Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales)
  • Assessment center approach
  • Client or customer reviews
  • SAM (Subordinates Appraising Managers)
  • Managerial reviews
  • Self-appraisals

Selecting the aright performance evaluation approach is difficult. It indicates what is in your mind about your employees and how responsive you are to the employee’s morale. After picking the right approach, you have to make sure that it is properly implemented in order to remove the possibility of critical performance gaps.

How to make a performance evaluation form?

The main purpose of performance evaluation form is to collect all the vital information on a single easy to comprehend sheet. You have to figure out the important performance aspects. Make sure that they are well represented in the form. For better and elaborate feedback, you should choose numerical scales or an open-end form. Smart-Draw assists you in making the creation of the forms as it involves different employee performance evaluation templates. You just have to customize it according to your evaluation requirements. Modify your company logo and two or three performance metrics and then prints it.

Here are some tips for making an effective performance evaluation form;

  • The information your performance evaluation form contain should be simple, clear, and concise. When completing the form, it should provide a smooth and understandable instruction to employees or managers. It should contain necessary details that help the executives and HR in making proper and strategic decisions regarding the workforce. You can also motivate your managers for using the S.M.A.R.T approach.
  • It is also important to identify the objective of the performance form. The form should have a clear purpose and contain well-understood instructions so that the employees can easily understand what information is required.
  • Make a defined rating scale. You have to make sure that your performance rating is fair, objective, and consistent.

The advantages of using a performance evaluation form:

  • You can use it to measure the overall performance of your employees.
  • It assists in determining different areas of commendation and those that require remediation.
  • On the basis of employees percentage score, it makes it easy for an employer to rate them.
  • You can receive both positive and negative feedback with the help of performance evaluation and then employee can use it in improving his or her work skills.
  • When employee is supported by proper merit-based compensation systems, it motivates them.
  • When you want to determine problems and clarify the expectations and plans, the performance evaluation form provides a structured process on how to approach the management.
  • The received detail is utilized to measure and monitor the success of your business and the induction practices.
  • It makes it easier to determine under-performers. It also assists you in making decision whether to keep them with hopes of improvement or let them go.
  • This document plays an important role in deciding who to promote, reward, or transfer.


In conclusion, a performance evaluation form is an effective tool that helps you in monitoring your employees’ performance in a better way. This document makes sure the progress within the business in terms of production and service delivery.

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