Printable Plane Ticket Templates [MS Word]

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A plane ticket template can be a printed document or an electronic record issued by a travel agency or an airline confirms that a person is authorized to one of the seats on a flight on an airplane. You need this document along with a boarding pass when you travel by air.

What to include on a plane ticket?

There are two types of plane ticket i.e. the paper ticket and the e-ticket. However, whatever type it is, it should include these details;

  • Passenger’s name
  • Name of the airline that issued the ticket
  • A ticket number that includes the 3-digit code of the airline
  • The place where you want to travel
  • Details of the baggage allowance
  • The fair and taxes you paid
  • The Fare Basis: it is an alpha-numeric or alpha code that determines your fare.
  • Limitations on refunds and changes
  • Flight dates
  • The method of payment
  • The Exchange rate: it is used to calculate the international aspects of the tax and fare.
  • A Linear or Fare Construction. This indicates the breakdown of your total fare.

How to book plane ticket online?

Many people find a process of plane ticket booking difficult and complicated. Nowadays, there are too many airlines, travel agencies, and websites to choose from. But with a little patience, flexibility, and spare time, you can do some research and book your flight. Let us discuss below on how to book plane ticket online;

  • You should book your ticket in advance. The best time to book the ticket is between 21 and 112 days before you plan to travel. On average, before your target flight date, the perfect time is 54 days.
  • You should scan for a website that offers airfare deals before deciding to book. It helps you a lot if you have flexible trip dates. Moreover, you should also ensure that the website you use doesn’t issue fake airline ticket
  • Visit aggregator websites. In this way, on the basis of your trip details, you can search for multiple airlines. After that, for the destination, you can see several flight options you requested along with the dates. Then, you can sort them you requested along with the dates.
  • Faraway trip places usually contain stopovers at various airports. Your plane may be changed. Therefore, you should select preferred number of stops when booking for your trips. Also, check what time of the day and duration of these stops. During booking your flight, airlines also offer the option of selecting your seat. You have to select seats for everyone you’re booking flights for. If there is enough space, you can select to sit together for your whole party.
  • At the end of your booking process, the airline may offer you special deals or add-ons. You can also avail them like car rentals or hotel accommodations.
  • Sometimes, you may also require special accommodations for your flight. You can request them during booking your flight. If there is no any option to enter this information then you can call the airline directly.
  • Some online bookings also ask you either you need to add insurance or not. So, decide whether you want to avail insurance.
  • When you have all done with the above steps, book your flight. Before booking, ensure that all the details you have provided are accurate and correct. If everything is accurate then input your payment and personal information to complete the booking of your flight.
  • After booking your flight, you will get your ticket details and receipt through email. In case, you don’t receive these within a couple of hours, you should contact the airline.


In conclusion, a plane ticket template is an important document if you have to travel by air. It is also an essential document in obtaining a boarding pass. Without these documents, you can’t allow to board the airplane.

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