Free Price List Templates (Excel / Word)

product price list template excel

A price list template is an essential tool used by business owners to make a list of products or services that are offered by an establishment. This document is an important part of any business that sells products or services. The data on the list includes the name and prices of the products or services.

Moreover, price lists are used in coffee houses, beauty salons, restaurants, etc. It is an important document that helps entities in running their business smoothly.

The significance and benefits of price list:

For both shoppers and business owners, the pricelists perform a great task. For the shoppers, price lists makes them able to compare the prices of several items quickly. On the other hand, for the business owners, it is a logical way to compile and present their products or services to their customers. On the basis of type of business, price lists include different data it is used for. The basic information to include in a price list is;

  • Type of product or service
  • The price of the product or service
  • The size or quantity of the product

Different types of price list templates:

Price lists are flexible. To fit any business, they can be tailored that produces goods or services. To inform the customers about the new prices, discounted prices, and those that are on offer, this document is used. There are different types of pricelists including;

  • Bar price list template
  • Car price list template
  • Dairy farm price list template
  • Salon price list template
  • Furniture price list template
  • Herbicide price list template
  • Coffee price list template
  • Food and beverage price list template
  • Flower shop price list template

Uses of price lists:

You should consider your price sheet design as well as its contents in order to make an effective price list. Aforementioned templates have different uses. By knowing these uses, you can surely create a well-made template. You use this list for;

For customer use:

Most of the time, before making a purchase, your customers have to compare the prices of different goods or services. With the list of your competitors, this document assists them in going through your prices and comparing them. This way, in terms of buying what they require, they will make better decisions.

For inventory:

You have to use your inventory list as a basis while creating your price list. This will help you in determining whether you have enough inventories or not. The businesses that have wide collection of goods and services, the use of price list allows your customers to check all the items or services you have to offer.

Selling remotely:

For selling your products and services remotely, the template that contains products or services you are offering can really come in handy. Nowadays, most of the people prefer to shop online so you can send your price list to interested customers. This helps them making in their purchases remotely.

How do you create a price list?

Here are steps to create a price list;

  • At first, you have to develop a marketing strategy. To identify the competitor prices, product-market fit, and customer willingness to pay, you have to conduct serious market research.
  • Before making the actual price list, you must do some calculation. This is because you can be able to identify how much it will cost you to generate or get the products.
  • The next step is to make the price list. You just have to make a column and all the products you have in store list them down.
  • After that, include each item under its column such as the price, customer ID, discount, products, and the total.


In conclusion, you should make your price list template in an effective way so that your customers can easily read and understand it. There is no need to spend your valuable time on making your own template, you can easily download it online.

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