Free Project Scope Templates (MS Word)

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A project scope template describes how much work is required to do a specific project and outlines the process of a project systematically. This document lists the project’s objectives and output. It includes the key deliverables, sets boundaries for the projects, description of role of each of the team members and the procedure by which the completed work can be approved.

What to include in a project scope?

At first, you have to know the following information about a project scope;

  • Along with stating what work you have to do and the parameters of the work, the project scope also states that what is out and what is in your project.
  • The scope of project usually finds within a Statement of Work (SoW). However, this document also exists separately to give details for an estimate.
  • In a SoW, you can also use this document to explain individual elements.

You have to include the following information in your project scope;


The objective of the project has all the requirements of the project work. It shows the requirements of your customers.


They are the expected results of your project. It must meet the objectives.


Every project has a schedule to complete its tasks within a particular time period. By having deadlines, you can complete your project work on time and in a systematic manner.


The requirements are the functional materials. They will assist you in completing your project and work on improving it.


Decisions, discussions, and disclaimers are included in assumptions. They will also help you to finish your project.

Other additional information is issues and risks that are included in your project scope.

The significance of a project scope:

You require good communication to effectively manage your project scope. This makes sure that every member of your team will understand the extent of your project. It also ensures that how to meet the objectives and goals of your project. During making your project scope, you should ask for sign-offs and approvals from various stakeholders. In this way, you make sure that the completed project you have proposed meets everybody’s requirements. Moreover, project scope provides following benefits to your company;

  • This document helps all of the stakeholders to understand what’s involved.
  • To schedule work, budget appropriately, and assign tasks, this document provides a roadmap.
  • It helps the team members to pay attention on certain objectives.
  • It establishes vision to prevent projects especially complex ones.

With the help of a project scope, your project remains focused and can be completed according to expectations. In the management of your project, a scope gives you with a solid foundation. It assures that resources won’t get wasted on components that aren’t within the scope.

How to write a project scope?

To write an effective project scope, you should follow the below steps;

  • At first, you have to gather all of the information you need. The requirements of your project can come from different sources and places such as your team, project sponsors, and stakeholders. However, your scope definition should include the information like;
    1- Project deliverables
    2- Project constraints
    3- Available resources
    4- Exclusions and inclusions
  • When you have collect all of the information, now create a layout that states how your project will move towards accomplishing your goals and deadlines. Take a start with the list of deliverables and then involve major milestones and tasks.
  • After that, customize your project scope to your organization.
  • Create your project scope statement when you have done all of the preliminary work.
  • Now, you can put the document to work. It acts as the basic agreement with your stakeholders and other important documents.


In conclusion, a project scope template is a valuable tool that lists the project goals, tasks, costs, deliverable and deadlines. This document is used to have a proper idea of the scope of a certain project.

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