27+ Professional Request For Proposal Templates [Word]

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A request for proposal template is a document used by a company or business owner in order to source products or services from outside parties or vendors. You have to purchase products or avail different services to run the daily operations smoothly.

What is the purpose of a request for proposal?

For funds, when you request potential collaborators or business partners, it doesn’t indicates that you’re interested to do so. However, the complexities of specific projects leave you with no choice. Due to these complexities, you need an official RFP template. You can attract many bidders in case you can offer or propose a good return on investment.

Furthermore, from multiple companies, when your company requests for bid at a time, you will benefit from this. For example, by acquiring computer-based technology and eliminating the paper-based system a company plans to modernize its business.

For hardware, software, and user-training, the company may ask for a request for proposal template for the establishment and integration of the system in their business. By having these proposals, they can identify which proposal to select for updating their systems.

What to include in a request for proposal?

Here are the essential elements that you must include in your RFP;

Introduction and background details

In the introductory paragraph, you have to include valuable background information about your company. Any vendor who has serious intentions to work with you require this information before they want to move forward.

Goals and scope

In the next section of the template, include an outline of project that you require to complete and the goals that you want to achieve at the end. You should be very specific with the details as much as possible, even if you are outlining criteria and individual assignments.

Anticipate the selection schedule

Mention a comprehensive schedule. This informs your vendors whether you can meet your deadlines. You should also give them a chance to ask questions regarding the project. You may also like Summary Templates.

Details regarding proposal submissions

You have to ensure that the place and time are clearly presented. This way, the vendors know where and how to submit their proposals for consideration.


In your RFP, if you include a timeframe, you can remove those vendors who can’t work within your timeline. You may also show in your RFP that you’re flexible with your time.

Elements of the proposal

The outline of you RFP should be very clear and specific that you expect the bidders to include in their proposals. If you can’t do this, for any omissions, you can’t necessarily blame them. Therefore, it is essential that you make a checklist so that bidders know the components you expect to receive.

Criteria for evaluation

Your expectations’ outline assists you in determining which vendors can’t meet them. You and your team must brainstorm to do this. This way, you can come up with an important list of items that you feel are the most effective indicators.

Possible roadblocks

There is also a requirement for an outline that shows any roadblocks that may prevent specific bidders from accomplishing their projects successfully. Limited resources is the most common example of this. You can also check RFP examples that help you in determining which bidders have the experience and skills to overcome those roadblocks and challenges.

Expected budget

Before moving forward, vendors also want to know how much you will pay them for their services. This information is very important as this is a business transaction.


In conclusion, a request for proposal template is an effective tool that you can use to gather information about services from a potential contractor or supplier. This document identifies the success or failure of your company’s bid and the resulting outcome.

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