11+ Simple Scope Of Work Templates [MS Word]

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A scope of work template is the most important document to any project manager. By bringing everything expected in the project implementation together, it assists you staying on course. The scope of work includes the work details, timelines, terms, and deliverables, among others. It protects you at the same time from running into an unexpected glitch that may affect the smooth operations of your project.

Furthermore, the scope of work can be viewed as map that provides instructions to the project manager towards the successful completion of a given project. It indicates you what to do and what to avoid by providing a clear picture of the complete project requirements. It is also referred as the statement of work.

Basic elements of a scope of work:

The project requirements are highlighted in the scope of work document. This involves the individual who is responsible for the implementation of the project, the technicality that will be used while the implementation, and the type of materials that will be important. Aside from these, the scope of work should include the following elements; You may also like training manual template.

  • Project contractor and their responsibilities
  • Contract goals, visions, and missions
  • An estimate of project labor cost
  • The accurate method of payment and schedules
  • Operation standards and regulations
  • Contracts terms and conditions
  • The description of project limitations
  • Other related activities

What to include in the scope of work?

The scope of work should include the following;

Project overview

It is a precise statement that demonstrates what the project is all about.


Deliverable show you what your project/contract is meant to deliver. We can say that it is expected goals and targets that have to be achieved within a given time period.

Project scope

It involves all the strategies that set towards the execution of the project. It is classified into two i.e., the technical aspects and of the tasks. The technical aspect consists the techniques or methodologies vital for project implementation. On the other hand, the tasks are the specific requests required to realize the objectives of the project.


This refers to project timeline i.e. from its start to its end/completion. It pays attention to the following;

  • The project’s tasks
  • Their delivery dates
  • Time restrictions
  • The expected project duration

Project management

In this section, we highlight the project’s key management responsibilities. This contains the administration, relevant stakeholders, and other staff. Furthermore, it specifies the payment terms and methods and other regulatory and control measures.


Milestones refer to tasks that have broken down into small manageable parts. The project manager must include various milestones in your scope of work. It makes progress monitoring easy.

Project reports

You have to deliver project reports at some intervals within the duration of project implementation. These reports are important. They give a formal record of the progress of the project.

How to write a good scope of work?

Here are the tips that you should follow while writing a good scope of work;

  • At first, you should take some time to understand your customer’s requirements, preferences, and suggestions before put everything on writing.
  • You should discuss in detail with your team members on the project/contract requirements.
  • Use visual representations in your scope of work. You know that pictures speak a thousand words. So, you should use good pictorial and graphical representations.
  • Determine your assumptions and give a thorough outline of the project/contract management procedures.
  • You should ensure that your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.
  • Also, specifies some of the warranties and service and maintenance terms.
  • You have to use simple but straightforward language.


In conclusion, a scope of work template is a document that assists in developing a foundation for the success of your project. It is an effective tool that keeps everyone liable for project tasks. You as a project manager must make a scope of work.

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