29+ Free Sign in & Sign out Sheet Templates (Excel / Word)

patient sign in sheet

When we attend events, we have often gone through the process of sign in and sign out sheets. We have to enter our names and other required data on a sign-in sign-out sheet. This document also assists you in keeping everything organized. For the organizer or the event manager, it helps them in running the event smoothly.

Types of sign-in sign-out sheets:

You can use a sign-in and sign-out sheets in a following few ways;

For students

This form can be used in the classroom, or for school meetings, seminars, and identical events. This form is highly important when use in official events. It is used to assign spaces where attendees can write down their addresses, contact information, and other essential information.

Moreover, the sheet is the best way to gather updated information. This updated information then can be used to send out messages and other essential details to inform them about future events.

For visitors

The sign in and sign out sheets make you able to monitor the time that your visitors entered and left the premises. In cases of emergencies, this become very essential. The form gives spaces to write down the following details;

  • Name of the visitors
  • The company visitors are from
  • The visitors arrival and departure times

In addition, you can also leave space for other details that you may require. You can create different templates for different purposes in case you’re using Excel to create the form.

For patients

You would have already signed a form if you have even made an appointment with a doctor. The form assists doctors in keeping record of the names of their patients, their arrival times, and the nature of their appointments.

You can also add space to record the doctor’s name and the date. You can use it for future reference if required. This document is very common in many medical situations.

Tips for using this form:

Here are some tips on how to use sign in and out form;

Keep it precise

The best form just include the required information. In case, you make the sheet too lengthy then only fewer people would like to sign up as it would require too much time.

Use a clean and simple design

You will use the form to collect essential information, it should still have adequate space where people can jot down details without mixing up the information they give. You should also ensure that your form’s header is clearly readable.

Keep the questions simple, while adding them

Don’t make your guests think too much by asking complicated inquiries. The questions should be straightforward and simple.

Mention the time required to fill-up the form

To fill up the sheet, it’s a better idea to inform the attendees in advance how much time they require. You should just ensure that this time isn’t too long. You may also like Comparison Chart Templates.

Include a message of thanks

When an attendee has filled up the sheet, a confirmation and thank you message should be in the works to show that you have got the information. For online forms, this is more common.

Use a clear font

The fonts you are using, make sure that they are very clear so that the readers will understand everything.

On your sheet, sort the names

It is suggested that you sort the names of the attendees in an organized way. This way, the attendees of the event can easily find their names and sign in your sheet.

Reach out

You should always send a confirmation beforehand to the attendees of the event. After that, you can request feedback when the event ends.


In conclusion, a sign-in and sign-out sheets is a document used to enter the names of those coming in and leaving your event. By giving information on who has arrived and who has left, the sheet helps in keeping everything running smoothly.

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