Statement of Purpose Templates & Examples (Word, PDF)

statement of purpose template word

Students need a statement of purpose template that gives them a pass to pursue graduate school. This statement of purpose acts like a comprehensive application for a graduate school. This is the best way to introduce your interest and experience to the university’s admissions committee. Moreover, you should include a specific set of characteristics in it to make it more interesting and compelling to read.

Elements of an effective statement of purpose:

An effective statement of purpose should include the following elements;

Goals and interests:

Here you have to state that what you want to achieve upon accomplishing the program. You should also mention your specific interests that are related in making you reach that aim. During pursuing your field of study, your goals and interests will encourage your hopes and expectations.

Relevant experiences:

A good graduate school always wants to know that whether you have enough experience that is relevant to the program. In this way, they know either or not the applicant can withstand the curriculum. Furthermore, by including specific and vivid examples, your relevant experiences are best.


In this section, you have to provide reason that why you and the program you are applying for are a good fit. For this, you should analyze the reason that why you are best suited for this certain program.

Strong writing skills:

Writing skills comes in handy when you want to work on your dissertations and term papers. Your statement of purpose should inform the screening committee that you have communicate everything clearly and effectively.

How to make a good statement of purpose?

Here are some tips for making a good statement of purpose;

  • At first, you have to introduce yourself by telling a story. Most applicants introduce themselves like a plain exposition about who they are and what they want to do in their future. This will make it generic and encourage the committee to don’t read your statement of purpose. So, to make it effective, explain your background and your career objective and keep the information relevant to the program you are applying for. a more compelling introduction will make the readers emotionally connected.
  • Next, after gaining the reader’s attention in the first paragraph, it’s time to provide a solid justification of the reason that why you select to pursue this kind of career. In stating your reason, you have to be specific and introspective. Rather than including cheesy lines, you should state your short experiences that make them realize you like to be working in this field. Include your specific skills you are trying to get for this field. In addition, answer all the whys in a memorable way.
  • This is the most important part of your statement of purpose where you quantify your experiences and skills. This way, you convince the committee that you are the best fit for the particular program. Mention your past academic accomplishments, internships, and projects that are related to the field of study. As a reference point, state your career goal in the introduction and your experience that assisted you in pursuing this kind of program. Explain all these things in at most two paragraphs.
  • In the end, provide a precise description of your long-term plan in your career. State your career objective in the more distant future in this part. This assists the committee in identifying that you are the best candidate who has a clear vision on how one wants to grow in the particular field. After that, proofread again and again what you have written.


In conclusion, a statement of purpose template is a helpful document that helps you in pursuing a graduate school. Keep it short because a concise statement always beats a lengthy one. Also, don’t stick to common idealistic lines, include something unique. Include only those stories that are great and real.

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