29+ Free Survey Templates and Questionnaires (Excel / Word)

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By using a survey template, you can obtain valuable and unique insights about a target population. The reports made by surveys can give accurate data about a select group of people.

What is a survey format?

You would conduct survey for commercial purposes for gauge employees, customers or public opinion in relation to a specific brand or issue. Your document should have the right format in order to make sure that your survey template has a greater response and engagement rate.

Moreover, your document will be easier to read, understand, and give you with more accurate answers by having a well-designed survey format. If you want to come up with interesting research based on the results you get, you have to work on the format and design. You must have adequate information to address the requirements of the respondents and your team of researchers. If you have an effective design and format, you can get a lot more responses.

Types of Survey Templates:

You can make the following types of survey templates;

  1. Human resource surveys
  2. Market research and marketing surveys
  3. Industry surveys
  4. Community surveys
  5. Academic evaluation surveys
  6. Non-profit surveys

How to Create a Survey Template?

Here are some helpful pointers that you should consider while creating a survey template;

Choose your platform

You have to select the best platform for creating your survey as well as for sharing it. For example, your platform should be on Facebook in case you have planned to survey your followers on Facebook. You may consider using Google, if you plan to email your customers.

Make it as precise as possible

Your survey should focus on what truly matters. Keep in mind that survey respondents do not care regarding what’s interesting to you or your business. There are more interested in how fast they can complete the survey.

Avoid yes or no questions

Respondents usually answer yes, while confronted with choosing between a yes or no answer. You should try flushing the answer out in a more roundabout manner instead of asking directly.

Randomize the answer options

There is something referred as a “first choice bias” in surveys. Here, respondents automatically select the first listed answer. This is a very common response to specific types of questions. By randomizing the answer options, you can avoid this tendency.

Maintain a neutral tone

Asking leading questions may affect the answers of your respondents. This method may suit your requirements. But, you have to keep in mind that when you publish the results of your survey, the people notice your leading questions. They could end up doubting or questioning the accuracy of your data.

Use matrix questions properly

An effective survey shouldn’t contain more than a couple of matrices. Only use these for the questions that matter most as you should only use these for complicated questions. Furthermore, more than 5 to 7 header or row options should contain by each matrix.

Make questions that accommodate all kinds of respondents

You should know about your industry, products or services logically. But keep in mind that you should never suppose that your survey respondents will know everything you do. Therefore, you must make questions with different types of respondents in mind. You should ensure that the answer options you provide contain an out in case the respondent doesn’t know the answer.

Add “red herring” questions

This assists you in weeding out fake or inattentive respondents. You can ask a simple question at the start and end of your survey for the purpose of quality checking. When you are addressing long surveys, this can be a significant question. You may also like performance evaluation form.


In conclusion, a survey template is an effective tool that helps you in conducting a good survey. With the help of this document, you can obtain valuable and unique insights about a target population.

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