Best Thank You Email After Interview (MS Word)

professional thank you email after interview

Thank you email after interview is basically a digital letter sent through email to show gratitude to the potential employer. The primary purpose of sending this email is to solidify the company’s opinion of you as a professional. However, a thank you email after interview should contain the following elements;

  • A simple and appreciative subject line
  • A personalized greeting
  • An appreciation messages
  • An overview of your qualifications
  • A motivation to advance to the next stage
  • Precise contact information

The benefits of sending a thank you email after interview:

A well-written thank you email will provide you the following benefits;

  • A thank you email provides you the chance to deliver any important information you might have left out during the interview. This may be due to pressure on nerves.
  • This email indicates that you are enthusiastic about the position.
  • A well-composed thank you email will provide you an advantage over other candidates.
  • It showcases professionalism and good manners.
  • It again provides you an opportunity to reiterate that why you are the best candidate for the opening.
  • With the help of this email, you can explain your attention to detail and ability to follow through.

How to write an effective thank you email after interview?

Here are some guidelines on how to write an effective thank you email;

A concise subject line:

At first, write a precise subject line that is simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward. To sound professional, use words like ‘thank you’ and ‘appreciate.’

Include an appropriate greeting:

Write the correct name of the individual you are addressing on the basis of how they introduced themselves during the interview. During interview, if they didn’t provide any name then you can address the individual as dear. If you engaged with more than one official then without any hesitation, send each a personalized thank you email after the interview.

Deliver gratitude:

Take a start by stating that how grateful you are for the way they took their time to interview you as the main purpose of sending this email is to thank the interviewer for hosting you. In order to avoid confusing the official, don’t forget to capture the job title.

Recap your qualifications:

The qualifications that make you ideal for the job highlight them in this section. Also, include those skills that covered in the job listing and the qualifications that you might have discussed during the interview. Make sure to include that how these skills will help you in making a significant contribution to the company’s mission.

Explain your passion:

Job interviewers always want to see that what you will do for the company and what you have taken a liking to their company. Explanation of passion will make you stand out among other applicants. You should show your passion for what you do and why you are interested to work for the company.

Summarize interview highlights:

Here you have to summarize interview highlights. This shows that you were keen during the interview by summarizing up a few key points discussed.

Include a prompt to take the next step:

When you have ensured the interviewer that you are the best fit for the position then ask them to contact you for any further questions. Mention a statement that you are looking forward to the next engagement.


Finish your email with professional sign-off. Use the words like best regards, kind regards, and sincerely, etc. If the position in question is in the informal sector then you can go for ‘cheers.’ At the very end of the thank you email after the interview, add your contact information.


In conclusion, a thank you email after interview is composed to provide gratitude to the potential employer. With the help of template, you can create a worth-while thank you email. Before sending thank you email, proofread it thoroughly.

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