29+ Free Printable Time Log Templates (Excel / Word)

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A time log template is a document used in many activities in a work environment to keep track of time. This document has many other useful applications that are beneficial to both the employee and employer.

What is a time log?

A time log is a document that displays a chronologically arranged sequence of activities that you have done or are planning to do. This document is particularly used to record the time that you spend on performing a certain task.

Moreover, it is a very useful document used to keep track of the progress of the tasks and the overall productivity. Many companies use this document to maintain a log of when their employees get to work, when they take their lunch, when they get back, and when they leave work.

Companies usually require from their employees to keep track of the projects they are currently involved in. In this template, employees also take note of the accurate times when they began an assignment and when they finish it. This assists the employers to keep record of employee productivity and as a result, employees receive incentives for the times they have spent working.

Additionally, the time log helps the employers in keeping track of employee progress on specific activities and assignments. Hence, it is an efficient tool for both employers and employees. You may also like military time chart templates.

How to make a time log?

Having a daily time log assists you in determining potential areas that need improvement. It provides you a visual overview of how you spend your time every day. To accomplish this, follow these steps;

  • You can do this manually or also use a time management software. You should just use one page per day.
  • Each task must have its own column. There is no need to add simple daily chores until these are the important part of your job. For activities you consider “time wasters,” make a column at the end of your list.
  • The hour block must have a row of its own. You can split hours into half-hour blocks if necessary on the basis of your work and your normal task schedules. As soon as you arrive at work, start the clock. Continue adding rows until you’ve completed your workday.
  • When you work on specific tasks, take note on the block on your log that corresponds to the task. You just fill in a part of the block in case you begin work later in the hour.
  • You can also write down the activities that aren’t relevant to your work such as reading personal emails, surfing online, etc. You can use column that you included for time wasters to write down hours or half hours that you spend doing all of these tasks.
  • You can identify how much time you spent working, the duration of each task on average, and the amount of time that you waste each day from the details you have recorded on your log.

How can you track your time?

You can track your time by considering following steps;

  • You should take your log with you no matter where you go. You can’t remember everything even if you may have a good memory.
  • You should keep track of the start and end times of all your activities.
  • By writing down the specifics of each task, be more detailed in your entries.
  • You can also add categories and sub-categories as required.
  • Jot down your feelings when you perform each of the tasks.
  • To keep track of everything, include a “Notes” section to describe any activity.


In conclusion, a time log template is a time management tool that is essential for both big and small business. By having this document, you can easily accomplish your difficult tasks within a given span of time.

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