21+ Printable Medical Receipt Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

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A medical receipt template is used by medical authority to issue the bill of medicines and medical services. The services or drugs patient receives in the medical center are mentioned on it with prices. In a medical facility, the job is stressful and challenging but with the help of medical receipt template, you can make your work simpler and easier.

What is a medical receipt?

A medical receipt is a detailed document that contains information about the medicines or services a patient buys or receives. It is issued to the patient when he has paid the bill. The main purpose of this receipt is to keep track of services, supplies, and payments. Furthermore, patients also use it in tax reports or other future purposes.

You can download the medical bill receipt template to make a detailed bill. It contains the name of medical authorities, their contact details, the name of the patient, and other important details. Some people also use fake medical receipts. They used it to claim health insurance to get paid for it.

What to include in the medical receipt?

It is an essential document that serves as evidence for the patient and useful in the process of inspection and tax report. You should create an effective medical receipt that allows you to receive all the benefits of it. A reliable medical receipt should include the following essential information; You may also like Foot Reflexology Chart Templates.

  • The name of the patient and contact details
  • Gender
  • Medical provider’s name, address, contact number, logo, and other necessary details.
  • Details of the services that patient have received at the medical center or a price of each drug.
  • With month and year, mention the date of the financial transaction.
  • Mention the terms and conditions such as the drugs will be returned within ten days, etc.
  • Include the method of the payment like the cash, debit, or credit card.

Importance of medical receipt:

It is important to keep things in written form in every business. When you sell something the receipt of the payment is issued to the customer is essential. Hence, the medical bill also has several benefits. Some of them are as follow;

  • With the help of receipt, you can keep track of supplies and payments.
  • It helps you in claiming the health insurance as they ask for the medical receipt to submit it.
  • You should have the receipt in order to return or exchange the purchasing items.
  • It acts as the evidence of receiving the medical service and payment of it.
  • It serves as a useful document in the process of inspection.


In conclusion, a medical receipt template is a useful and effective document that contains all the information about the medicines or services a patient buys or receives. It is used as a payment request to the patient. You can download free medical bill receipt template to make a detailed bill.

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