34+ Free Employee Attendance Tracker Templates (Excel / Word / PDF)

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An employee attendance tracker template is an important tool used by a company or organization to track employee presence, absence, leaves, tardiness, or more. This document provides information regarding who is absence at certain dates. The attendance tracker helps the employers to monitor each employee in an office.

Moreover, the information mentions on this document is used to make some important decisions. Regular attendance of an employee in the office is one of the best characteristics of a good employee.

What is an employee attendance tracker?

An employee attendance tracker is a document used to track the attendance of employees. The success of a company is entirely based on the performance of an employee. It is important to manage the attendance record of the employees in order to get high productivity. With the help of attendance tracker, you can track the productivity and working hours of every employee. Employers use this document to know who performed better in this area by giving full time.

In addition, the punctuality of an employee indicates the professionalism and seriousness of him with the company. The employee attendance tracker enables you to make important decision such as promotion that leads to a special project and other crucial tasks. The information of the employees can be organized effectively by using attendance tracker.

The attendance issues may create a conflict to accomplish a project that may result in customer dissatisfaction. Every company has its own rules regarding taking time off. Every employee should be aware of company’s time off taken policy to handle the attendance issue. Additionally, they should know the actions that company may take to reduce the absenteeism of employees. You may also see Attendance Sheet Templates.

Key components of an employee attendance tracker:

An employee attendance tracker should include all the elements that require to track the attendance;

  • Title of the sheet
  • Name of the organizer along with the position title
  • Name of the company
  • The date
  • Employee ID
  • First name of the employee
  • Last name of the employee
  • Designation of the employee
  • Department name
  • Supervisor name
  • Arrival time
  • List of the vacation
  • Signature
  • Leaving time
  • Absent hours

The benefits of an employee attendance tracker:

The employee attendance tracker provides you various benefits. Some of them are as follow;

Increase productivity

No one can stop the company from developing in case all the members of a company are present regularly on time and strictly follow the working hours. By having loyal employees, the company must stand up. The productivity of the company will definitely increase if all the employees provide their best and follow the office timing. This happen just because of tracking the attendance of the employee.

Track the employee performance

Every employer wants to know about every employee who comes on time. This document provides them all the information that they want to know. It is very difficult to track the arrival time of every employee. But, with the help of this document, you can easily see the arrival and leaving time of the employee.

Highlight the time theft

Sometimes, employees leave the office before the time off. The attendance tracker assists the supervisor to find who takes time off. Companies can warn the employees to deduct the time off hours payments from total.

Calculate the working hours

You can calculate the working hours of every employee from the attendance tracker. All the information about employee attendance or working hours are gather in one document.

Save time and money

By using employee attendance tracker template, employers can access the data of employee working hours, arrival time, leave time, and vacation data. Thus, it saves you time.


In conclusion, an employee attendance tracker template is an essential tool used by every company or organization to make some important decisions. It is an effective way to track the attendance of the employees. This document identifies how many hours an employee works every day.

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