Free Engineering Resume Templates (Word, PDF)

sample resume for engineering students

An engineering resume template is used by candidates to professionally write their engineering resume that can help them land an engineering job. An engineering profile has a wide range of specialties. For specific disciplines, efficient resume strategies are required.

To make it a student resume or that of a senior position, you have to mention your engineering specialty in areas you want to target. An engineering resume is an effective tool so you should make the most of it.

Different types of engineering resume templates:

  • Electrical engineering resume template
  • Mechanical engineering resume template
  • Engineering coordinator resume template
  • Engineering executive resume template
  • Engineering Programmer Resume Template
  • Experienced Engineer Resume Format
  • HVAC Engineer Resume Template
  • Software Engineer Fresher Resume Template
  • Civil Engineer Sample Resume Template
  • Basic Network Engineer Resume Template
  • Engineering Internship Resume Template
  • IT Support Engineering Resume Template
  • Technical Engineering Resume Template

How to create resume for fresher in engineering?

You have to pay attention on your technical skills for creating an engineering resume. Include sections like “Technical Knowledge” or “Technical Summary” and then subcategorize these sections. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a chemical engineering resume or a computer engineering resume or any other resume; you have to keep your goals in focus.

You should mention your past achievements and work experience. But keep in mind that an ideal resume should be concise and effectively demonstrate your achievements. Include the keywords related to the engineering position you are applying for.

Tips for writing engineering resume:

Consider the following tips during writing your engineering resume;

  • Clearly explain your work experience. The employers don’t have enough time to read your skills. Therefore, it’s better to make a list about your designation and role in each of your prior projects.
  • You should include bullets in your resume to improve reading and to talk about your achievements, knowledge, work experience, and skills. Paragraphs are boring.
  • You should review your resume every 3 months and up-to-date resumes are what attract employers.

Do’s for your engineering resume:

You should mention your work experience, successful projects, and accomplishments. Hiring managers want to see your background details and achievements in your career. At the time of interview, having paper resumes is a good idea.

Don’ts for your engineering resume:

Before uploading your resume, make a quick check for errors. Any error may lead to misunderstanding. Don’t include any of your career problems. Never inform your employer that how you failed in one or more projects.


In conclusion, an engineering resume template is a powerful tool that displays your achievements and work experience in a concise and crisp manner. What you write in your resume must be true and honest. A well-crafted and well-written resume will facilitate your job search.

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