30+ Free Fresher Resume Templates [Word, PDF]

diploma fresher resume template

A fresher resume template is used by fresh graduates to write down all the details about the additional value. They give this document to the company where they would like to apply. A fresher resume doesn’t contain a lot of details regarding professional work experiences. You have to follow different set of guidelines in formulating this kind of resume. Moreover, a fresher resume is different as compared to the resumes used by experienced employees in various fields of expertise.

Fresher resume templates help you a lot in creating a fresher resume. The templates make the process of writing this document easier and faster. It is highly suggested to use the template because it contains all the items that a person would like to showcase in his or her resume.

When do you send a fresher resume?

Below are few suggested time frames when you can send a fresher resume to the company;

  • During your last semester, you can send your resume. The remaining days of your last semester is considered as your waiting duration for the response of the companies where you send your resume.
  • You can attach it with your internship application. You can send it to the company where you will render your internship.
  • You can also send this resume right after your education. This allows you to pay attention more on the companies where you truly want to be a part of. This is the time when there are no any educational requirements and processes you have to do.

Reasons for using a fresher resume template:

Here are a few reasons that why you should use a fresher resume template;

  • These templates are made for fresh graduates who want to start their career in the industry where they would accomplish professional growth and development. They are not patterned in strict chronological resume type. They make you able to express the competencies that are appropriate for your level of qualification.
  • They already have the items that you need to edit or fill. This means it guides you what things should be present in your format. This makes sure that all the information that is required for your application is listed down in the resume.
  • These templates are applicable to be used in different industries. They have specified titles that indicate which template is appropriate to be used for your professional application.
  • All these templates are editable. You just have to download the fresher resume template and directly edit the details present in the document.

What to include in a fresher resume?

Your fresher resume template should contain following information;

Your basic academic credentials:

As you are a fresh graduate so you don’t have any professional experience. It is crucial for you to include the information regarding your educational and academic background. You should include the following information in this section;

  • Name of the institution where you have attained your degree
  • The academic course you have done
  • The year when you completed your studies
  • Your grade points
  • The awards you got during graduation

Experiential learning or internship programs:

This section is very important include the following information here;

  • Internship program from where you get initial experiences in the professional industry.
  • Internship programs that are relevant to the nature of the job they are applying for experiential learning.

Details of the projects:

Fresher graduates have to include the details of the projects that they have undertaken and also include the information about their ability to work with different people.

Your abilities and talents:

You have to provide the details regarding your abilities and talents because companies don’t want to look at the technical aspect of a person’s qualifications.


In conclusion, a fresher resume template is an effective tool for the fresh graduates. It helps them a lot in drafting their fresher resume because they have all the things that should be present in their resume format.

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