Free Accounting Cover Letter Templates (Word, PDF)

free accounting cover letter

You need an accounting cover letter template to create an effective cover letter in order to get a job in the finance department. You can create a job-winning cover letter in an appropriate format with the help of template. Writing an effective cover letter is important to get hired for a job.

What is an accounting cover letter?

An accounting cover letter is type of cover letter written in order to be hired for an accounting job. The letter should be composed professionally and efficiently. To present yourself as potential employer, you should compose a letter in an engaging way. This is because it is only way to impress your employer with your skills and abilities.

Moreover, this letter is sent to the recruiter with the accountant’s resume to give additional information. This document is a great way to indicate that you are the best for this accounting job from other candidates. For this, you should download the accounting cover letter template that grabs the attention of the employer. You can also see sample accounting cover letters to understand how to make your letter more interesting.

What to include in an accounting cover letter?

An effective cover letter should include the following important information;

  • Name, address, and contact information of the candidate
  • The date
  • Company’s name where you are applying for
  • Salutation
  • A precise description about your skills and expertise
  • A closing paragraph that contains positive words
  • Use the word ‘Sincerely’ for closing formally
  • At the end of the letter, affix the signature of candidate and write his/her name

How to write the cover letter?

It can be challenging for many people to write an effective cover letter. Especially, it is difficult for fresh graduates to compose a cover letter for an accountant job. No any rocket science is required to compose this letter; you just have to make it interesting for the employers. Here are some easy steps that you should follow during writing the letter;

  • At first, make the header that includes your name and contact details.
  • At the top left-side of the letter, write your name, address, contact number, and email address.
  • To write the name of hiring manger, it is important to gather information about the hiring manager.
  • In the body section, state the purpose of the letter. Mention the name of the position you are applying for. In addition, state how you are eligible for this position.
  • In the next paragraph, information which isn’t included in your resume, include it here. Never repeat what’s in your resume. State your professional skills and abilities that are related to the position you are applying for. Also, include the information that captures the attention of recruiter.
  • When you have explained your skills then indicate that how this company is perfect for you.
  • Close your letter by saying them to contact you for an interview and place a request to read your resume. It’s better to use some positive words in the closing.
  • Write your name and affix your signature.
  • Additionally, before printing it out, proofread it thoroughly to avoid any grammatical and spelling mistakes.


In conclusion, an accounting cover letter template should be well-formatted and well-designed to get hired for a job. It should be composed in an engaging way so that you get an instant yes from the prospective employer. Be specific and keep your tone professional.

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