Printable Character Reference Letter For a Friend [MS Word]

character reference letter template for a friend

A character reference letter for a friend is written by someone who is well known to the individual. This letter indicates the potential employer that the applicant is trustworthy and personable. This document increases your friend’s chances of employment because it contains individual potential, good character and other relevant information. You should understand the purpose of reference letter and what employers look for in order to write an effective character reference.

How to write a character reference letter for a friend?

Here are some tips on how to write a reference letter for a friend;

  • You have to be confident in your relationship with your friend before agreeing to write the letter. You will be more qualified to speak on some topics on the basis of the nature of your relationship with your friend. If you have a long term friendship with the applicant then you can say that his character has improved and grown over the years. However, ask yourself the following three questions before agreeing to write the letter;
    1- Do you have enough knowledge about your friend’s relevant qualities to make the letter impactful?
    2- Do you have time to write the detailed reference letter?
    3- Are you able to answer additional questions that employer can ask after reading the letter?
  • You should ask your friend if they will submit this letter to a particular employer. This is because by knowing your audience you can tailor your letter accordingly.
  • The most difficult part of writing a reference letter is that you have to remain both positive and objective. Keep in mind that the main purpose of writing this letter is to referred your friend as a person of admirable character. Never give the employer a false impression of your friend. Additionally, you have to write a glowing recommendation that expresses your friend as the ideal candidate.
    For making sure honesty, you should provide specific examples that witnessed certain aspects of your friend’s character. It’s better to tell a brief story that indicates their integrity, generosity or selflessness. This makes employer more inclined to agree with your character assessment.
  • Bear in mind that hiring manager has dozens of letters to read so make your letter easy to read. Also, they have skilled in scanning letters to find the information they need. Your letter should be concise and well-structured in order to deliver your message clearly and to keep the reader’s attention.
    1- You should professionally start your letter. If you don’t know a specific name then addresses it as “To Whom It May Concern.”
    2- After that, provide a precise introduction by explaining who you are and why you are writing this letter.
    3- Write a short paragraph that sums up your relationship with your friend. Also, state that how long you both known each other and the nature of your friendship.
    4- Next, discuss about the applicant’s character, morals and values and also mention some brief examples that prove your points.
  • After writing the body of the letter, write an effective conclusion. Be confident and ensure the employer that your friend will be a valuable asset to their team. In the end, invite the employer to contact you in case of further query. Affix your signature and include a phone number and email address.


In conclusion, a character reference letter for a friend pays attention to the applicant’s personal qualities, such as their work ethic, integrity and reliability. The letter must be honest, professional and objective because it is an important part of job application.

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