29+ Free Military Letter of Recommendation Templates [Army, Navy, Air Force]

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A military letter of recommendation should be written by high-ranking officers in the military. It is a special letter that enhances the chances of the candidate towards getting a military promotion, award, or admission to a program. However, the high-ranking officers may include the commanders, colonels, captains, or any other officers in a superior position.

Important elements to include in the letter:

You have to include the following elements in the letter;


A salutation is the formal opening clause. It should be at the introductory lines of your letter. The recommender has to salute the recipient appropriately as this is a military letter. Before mentioning their name, make sure to include the recipient’s rank.

The relationship with the applicant

The author of the letter has to include his relationship with the applicant. While describing your relationship, focus on specific traits you believe make the applicant competent for the position. Mention all these traits in a general manner.

Why the student deserves

In this section, the recommender should mention any characteristic or qualification the applicant has which stands out. All this information is credible and relevant enough to be mentioned. It is suggested that the recommender provide specifically related anecdotes.

Contact details

You should add contact details in the recommendation letters. With the help of your contact details, the recipient accesses you easily in order to require more information about the applicant. You may also like Recommendation Letter for College.

How to write a military letter of recommendation?

Here are steps to write an effective military letter of recommendation;

Decide a proper format

Military letters are special official letters so there is a specific format that has to be followed. This letter usually consists of three parts, namely introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion are single paragraphs. While, the body section can consist of single, double, or have three paragraphs. You should number your paragraphs to signify military-type structure if you are military personnel. You need to use professional language throughout your letter.


The header should be written first in your military format. At the top of your writing page, you have to include the organization’s letterhead.


You have to proceed to the first or introductory paragraph after the salutation. Write your intentions into one to three sentences for writing this letter in an effective manner. Describe your relation with the applicant. Make sure to include the applicant’s credentials, qualities, and why you think they are suitable candidates.

Body paragraphs

At least one properly formatted paragraph should contain by body section. The writer should emphasize their experiences with the applicants in this paragraph. Also, state that why you believe they better qualify for the vacant position. You have to list any personal attributes, traits, and behaviors. Keep in mind that your description should be credible and legitimate. At the same time, you have to clearly specify those traits that are relevant to the military position.


Conclude your letter to reiterate your confidence in the candidate. Here, you can also make additional comments on the applicant. Provide your contact information so that recipient contacts you in case they require any clarification regarding the applicant. At the bottom of the page, provide an official closing clause.


In conclusion, a military letter of recommendation is a formal letter that assists in enhancing the chances of the applicant securing a position or promotion in the military. You should take time to research how to write the letter of recommendation. Write the letter in a professional tone so that the chances of the individual being considered for the position are very high.

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