Printable Recommendation Letter for College [MS Word]

college recommendation letter for internship

A recommendation letter for college is a type of letter required by the college for students for making an admission. Some colleges ask to be filled out pre-set forms while others require a professionally formatted recommendation letter. This letter is important for making an admission in the college.

Moreover, a recommendation letter addresses the achievements of the applicant and assists the college in identifying the character of the applicant. This letter is highly important if the student wants to get admission into a specific program.

Which people should you ask to write a letter of recommendation?

It is always difficult for students to figure out whom you should ask to write the letter. The colleges must look at this when they study your letter. However, you can ask the following people for recommendations;


A teacher whom you have a good relationship is best to ask to write you a recommendation. Teacher has experience with your character and has knowledge about your academic abilities.

Extracurricular advisors:

These people know your different skills other than the outside of the normal classroom setting. Coach can speak to your ability to work as part of a team, to your artistic ability, or your organizational skills. This valuable information provides unique opinion and insight to colleges that they are looking for students.


If you are doing a job throughout high school then you can ask your employer to write a recommendation letter for you. They can highlight your customer service abilities and your dealing with difficult customers. This thing can benefit you if you want to take admission into a program like as business or nursing.

From aforementioned sources, colleges usually look for letters of recommendation. This is because they addresses to skills that colleges look for in their prospective students.

What to include in a recommendation letter for college?

A letter of recommendation for college must include the following information;

Pay attention to school or program:

You should pay attention to school or program because this indicates that you are serious about the student you are writing for. You have to make sure that the letter is tailored to the school. Don’t use generalizations like “to whom it may concern.”

Take information from the student:

You should ask the student a copy of his/her resume, grades, and the reason of why he/she should get this letter.

Mention specific examples:

Include specific examples to support everything that you are writing in the letter.

Your relationship with the student:

State that who you are and how you know the student and also include your qualifications.

Format of a recommendation letter for college:

Your letter of recommendation should be formatted in standard and professional format;

Return address:

It is essential to start the letter with your return address.

The date:

You can include the date whether you are writing it or you are sending it. But the date must be before the deadline of the letter to be received.

The address of the college:

If you have the information of a specific person of the college or the contact details of the colleges then mention them here.

Addressing the letter:

To address the letter, find a contact person for the admissions committee.


At the start of letter, provide a concise introduction of yourself and how you know the student.

The student’s achievements:

In the next paragraph, explain the student’s accomplishments and this should only be three to five sentences.


Conclude your letter by stating that why this student would thrive there. At the end of paragraph, share your contact information.

Closing and signature:

Use the word “Sincerely” for closing in the letter and affix your signature.


In conclusion, a recommendation letter for college is a precise and formal letter that speaks to candidate positive qualities and explains why he/she will be successful in college studies. It must be written by the teacher or employer because colleges want to look for letters of recommendation from these sources.

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