Free Church Newsletter Templates & Examples (Word, PDF)

free church newsletter template

A church newsletter template makes the process of creating a church newsletter easy. Creating your own church newsletter is a very time-consuming process. Let us discuss below how to create a digital newsletter;

Target group:

A newsletter for the inhabitants of the village looks different for the own (active) municipality members. You should analyze that what the various target groups want to read and create different newsletters for that. Don’t use ecclesiastical language in a newsletter.


It is important gathering all the topics that you desire to highlight. It is according to what the target group of the newsletter requires to read. You should ensure that the content is newsworthy. You have to reply the current and essential events.


On the basis of which you will send a newsletter regularly, you should think of two or three fixed categories. They give variety and recognition. The other classes may change depending on what is occurring.


With the scheduled shipping dates, make a calendar. In the calendar, include ideas to each shipping date. For instance, take an overview of the church year (public holidays) or the seasons.


Bear in mind that that the newsletter is one of the many sources of information that people have to attend regularly. The message the newsletter wants to deliver, think about it carefully. Also, think carefully about what readers are looking for and expecting.


From the members of the congregation or via a registration form on the website, you can request email addresses directly. The question ‘May we send you an update now and then’ can be connected to the registration for an activity for people outside the municipality.

Personal data:

The Church handles personal data with integrity. It is important to protect the Church from being considered a spammer by the villagers. People outside the municipality should sign up specifically for the newsletter so that they become able to opt-out. However, the members of the congregation don’t require to be authorized. The Church has a legitimate interest in informing them of its activities through a newsletter. But, the members should be able to opt-out of the newsletter.

Tracking and design subscribers:

An email program that records subscribers and provides standard forms for it saves a lot of time. Almost all applications have a free subscription like Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Laporta.


By containing beautiful image, a newsletter becomes more attractive. There are several online sites as well as photo editing programs that offer royalty-free photos and many possibilities.

Use links:

If there is a lot of text to share with readers then checks if it is possible to click via the website from the newsletter and only add an introduction to the newsletter. You can redirect the newsletter to social media and its website in order to make more information available.

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