25+ Free Printable Decision Tree Templates (Excel / Word)

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You can make use of a decision tree template in order to make the right decisions on certain matters. You can consider it as a flowchart or a tree-like representation of all the decisions you have to make together with the expected outcomes.

Parts of a decision tree:

The decision tree has three main parts;

Root node

Rote node is the top-most node that represents that final decision or goal that you have to make. It is placed at the top of the whole structure. From this node, all of the other elements come from. Moreover, the way you select to state the root node will affect the type of direction.

Branch node

The branch nodes originate from the root node. As its name implies, this node displays various actions you can take to come up with a solution. You can show these using arrows. They may contain associated costs on the basis of what type of decision you need to make.

Leaf node

The leaf nodes indicate the probable outcomes for each possible action you take. Leaf nodes have further two types;

  • Circle nodes: you can use this node to signify unknown chances or outcomes.
  • Square nodes: they are used to show that there is a requirement to make more decisions.

The benefits of making decision tree:

Making a decision tree provides you a lot of benefits;


A decision tree is a non-linear diagram. So, it becomes more flexible for planning, exploring, and creating predictions for probable results to decisions.

Effective communication of complicated processes

The benefit of this diagram is that it visually explains cause-and-effect relationships. It gives a simpler view of potentially complicated processes. In their presentations, you should make them straightforward so that they are easy to understand even to those who have never made one before.

Pay attention to data and probability not biases and emotions

When making important decisions, it is alright to consult with others. But, depending too much on the opinions of others may put your final decisions at risk. To start with, they don’t have clear and whole picture of the matter.

Furthermore, their advice may get affected by their own biases rather than concrete probabilities or facts. On comparison, at the decision making process, decision trees offer a balanced look. On the other hand, at the same time, allowing you to calculate both rewards and risks.

Objectives, gains, risks, and choices make clear

The predictive framework of decision tree enables you to layout the different possibilities that would ultimately identify the course of action that provides you the highest likelihood of succeeding. This, in return, against unacceptable outcomes or unnecessary risks, protects your decision. You may also like comparison chart template.

The process of making a decision tree template:

A decision tree provides a stylized view. With the help of this diagram, you can think of a series of decisions to check where they have approached before you commit useless real-world resources and time. However, you can download a decision tree template online or make one at your own. Follow the below steps to make an effective decision tree;

  • Define the question.
  • Include the branches of the tree.
  • Include the leaves of the tree.
  • Add more branches if required.
  • Terminate some of the branches as required.
  • Double check the diagram you created.


In conclusion, a decision tree template is considered as a flowchart or tree used to represent all the decisions you have to make together with the likely consequences. It has three main components i.e. root node, branch node, and leaf node. Additionally, making this diagram provides you various benefits.

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