10+ Printable Party Guest List Templates (Excel, Word, PDF)

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A party guest list template is a document that contains the number of people who will be at your party. When you plan to host a party the first thing that comes in your mind is where to start. The guest list is the most essential component of the party. So, you should start to focus your guest list. Other important things are planning place, the number of drinks and food, renting tables and chairs, etc.

How to create a party guest list?

Set the number of people:

You must have a limit not an exact amount but can be an average. For instance, if I want to arrange a party in my apartment and only 60 people can adjust there then I will put this goal on my list. Now, by keeping this number in mind, think about who really matters to be at the party you are hosting. You should prioritize those people that you have to create or maintain a relationship with. Furthermore, in the wedding list, prioritize the closest people and people who are part of that moment.

You should make a modest list for the party even if you have already defined how much you can spend. Later on, if your budget allows you to increase the list, increase it. Moreover, start with the small list at the beginning. Don’t do the job of making a list for 500 people. You should make a list together with your partner.

Always review:

Review the guest list before one month of the wedding. The main objective of reviewing the list is to add or eliminate people from the list and to check the budget. You can again cut out possible guests if you need to do. You can remove those people who appear in the family photo, but who never calls you on your birthday.

However, there is no problem to add more if you have enough budgets to spend. You should ask questions from yourself whose answers will only yes or no. This method is usually applied to weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties.

What you have to do if the list is over budget?

There is always a chance that 10 to 20% of a guest missing so you should take that into accounts. Try to reduce if the number of guests that exceed the arrangements is too much. But, if they are too little, you can even leave it. These tips will surely help you in making an impeccable and successful list.

Some other useful tips:

  • On your list, leave a safety margin that will appear over time. This tip is useful for both wedding which is planned for almost two years in advance and for that last-minute party planned.
  • If a small error can disturb your budget then follow the aforementioned tips. It is also suggested to plan in advance.
  • Moreover, you should use effective platforms that will make your life easier. MS Excel is considered as the best place for you to make your lists. By using tab, colors, alphabetic order, etc you can separate guests.


In conclusion, a party guest list template is an important tool while hosting a party. You should always make a list of guests in advance according to your current budget and later on you should also review it in order to add or remove the people from your list. You have to be assertive and start your party arrangements with the guest list.

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