29+ Best Personal Budget Spreadsheets [Excel]

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Creating a personal budget spreadsheet is the best way to use the money smartly and meet the basic living expenses without any difficulty. With the help of this spreadsheet, you can manage your finances properly. It provides you with a lot of benefits.

What is a personal budget spreadsheet for?

By having a personal budget spreadsheet, you can easily organize your finances and manage the debts that you may need for a more comfortable living. This document is typically used to plan monthly activities, expenses, and protecting a financial future.

Moreover, you can readily download a personal budget spreadsheet online. It includes a lot of information that you require in one convenient place. This also assists you in seeing the income that you have and how much money you have spent personally. It makes you able to budget your money appropriately for your requirements.

What to include in a personal budget?

Here are the most common resources of the income that contain the following;

  • Business
  • Dividends or Interest
  • Miscellaneous
  • Pension
  • Wages or Salary

In your personal expenses template, you have to include a savings goal that you set for every month in order to achieve successful budgeting.

Furthermore, each month, you can perform an analysis that helps you in getting an estimated image of the total savings. When it comes to your expenditures and savings, a personal budget helps you in making better decisions. Some examples of expenditures include the following;

  • Daily living
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Holidays
  • Financial obligations
  • Home
  • Miscellaneous payments
  • Personal
  • Recreation
  • Subscriptions
  • Transportation

How to make a personal budget spreadsheet?

Follow the below steps to make your template;

Take note of your net income

At first, when making your budget, determine how much money you have coming in. keep in mind always that when you think that your entire salary as the amount you can spend, it is very easy to overestimate what you can afford.

While making Excel budget spreadsheet, consider subtracting deductions and other flexible spending allocations. Net income is the value that you must use when creating your budget.

Monitor your spending

It is very helpful to monitor your spending and categorizing these when you require to make some adjustments. This way, you can identify what you’re spending most of your money on and where it’s easy to cut back on. You can also have a list of expenses that are always subjected to modify from one to month.

Set financial goals

You can make a list of your financial goals that you want to achieve in the long- and short- term before going any further with the information you have collected via tracking. Short-term goals don’t require no more than one year to achieve.

Make a plan

The gathered fixed and variable expenses will assist you in getting a feeling of what you will spend for the next couple of months. By using fixed expenses, you can accurately foresee how much money you have to budget for. You can use your spending habits as your guide in predicting the variable expenses.

Adjust your spending habits as required

When you have all of the information, you now have everything you require to make your budget. Having documentation on both your spending and income will provide you a clearer picture of where you have extra money. You can also identify where to begin so that you have the cash to achieve your goals.

Keep checking your budget

You should go through your budget daily in order to ensure that you are still on the right track. You should each month compare your expenses with people who have the similar lifestyle as you.


In conclusion, a personal budget spreadsheet is an effective tool that helps you feel in control of your finances and makes you able to save money for your personal goals. You should find the best way to keep track of your finances that suit your objectives while making your template.

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