29+ Free Printable Title Page Templates [MS Word]

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A title page template is a piece of paper that contains details about your character as a writer. The main function of this page is to allow the reader to determine your work easily.

Importance of a title page template:

The title page template is the first thing that your teacher would notice after submitting your easy. This page can be considered as a simple part of the process of writing an essay. However, the title page has an essential effect on your instructor’s opinion.

For example, if your title page doesn’t follow the proper APA title page format then your teacher may think that you didn’t put any effort into the rest of your paper. This page only takes a few minutes to write.

You can make a memorable first impression with a well-crafted page that will get carried over to the rest of your essay. Sometimes, you might not require this page. You should ask your teacher first if you aren’t sure about it.

APA style papers must have this page. You can also see both professional and student versions of the title page.

Student version:

This version includes the following;

  • the title of your paper
  • your name as the author
  • your affiliation
  • course name
  • number for which you’re submitting the paper
  • the name of your instructor
  • the due date of your paper
  • the page number

Professional version:

This version contains the following;

  • the title of your paper
  • your name as the author
  • your affiliation
  • author note
  • page number
  • running head

How to create a title page?

The title page template should include the following as per the 7th edition of the APA style manual;

Running heads

Running heads, according to 7th addition of APA style, are only required for professional papers that you submit for publications. At the top left of the page, you should include a running head and at the right on the same line, include page number.

Furthermore, running head is the abbreviated title of your paper and it should be typed using upper case letters only. On the left of page header of all of the pages, aligned it including the title. Running heads shouldn’t exceed the 50 characters as stipulated in the guidelines of the 7th edition of APA.

Place the page number on the same header but align it at the right and mark it as page number “1” on the template. Position the header 1-inch from the top but may be your instructor allow measurement of 1/2-inch.

Paper title

At the upper half of the title page, type the title of your paper at the center and use boldface. All the important words should be capitalized in your title. The APA guidelines suggest that the title should not exceed 12 words. Additionally, it shouldn’t contain abbreviations or words that don’t serve a purpose.

Author name(s)

Under the paper title, write the author’s name. It should be double-spaced and centered. There is no requirement to use degrees or titles. In case, there is more than one author then place commas between each name and the word and right before the name of the last author.

Institutional affiliation

Just right under the names of the authors, place the name of your university and align it at the center. In case of a student paper, you can mention your course number, course name, the name of your instructor, and the due date of your assignment.


In conclusion, a title page template is the first cover page of a paper or book. It contains a running head, the title of your work, and your affiliation. Any research paper requires a lot of concentration in the drafting of title page due to its importance.

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