35+ Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates [PDF]

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A tooth fairy certificate template is a certificate given to the children when they lose their first teeth. By giving certificate to them, you can make their experience enjoyable. Receiving a certificate from fairy makes your child happy.

Children listen to their friends or colleagues about the tooth fairy. They believe that there is a tooth fairy who provides a gift in return when they lose their teeth. They place the teeth under the pillow. After that, they are excited to receive some contribution from the fairy. It can be certificate, money, or something else that make your children happy.

The main purpose of this certificate is to protect children from the fear of losing teeth. Parents tell their children that fairy visits when they are sleeping and leave the gift and take their tooth. The tooth fairy certificate should be designed in a way that looks like fairy magic in it.

Tooth fairy story:

In old days, parents tell their kids that when they lose their tooth, there is a mouse who removes the baby tooth. Then, it converts into the fairy myth. Americans, on 22 august, celebrate the national day of tooth fairy and create every step of their children fantastic. They don’t tell the real story of this myth. This is because some children are afraid to lose their teeth.

Children think that there is a fairy who requires power to fly and with these teeth, she gets more power. Some parents tell their children that the fairy requires teeth to provide it to newborn babies. However, every state has its own traditions regarding when children lose their teeth. In Europe, with some gift and fairy certificates, parents celebrate this tooth fairy event to wish them good luck. Different cultures celebrate the loss of child teeth in various ways. Some of these are as follow;

  • Thrown into the sun
  • Thrown into the fire
  • Thrown between the legs
  • Thrown on the roof of the house
  • It is thrown where animals can’t reach to obtain it
  • Buried

Tooth fairy guidelines:

Here are some guidelines that make this tradition enjoyable for your children;

Tell your kids about a tooth fairy story

Children listen to their friends the story of the tooth fairy at the age of losing teeth. Tell your child that how these milk teeth are beneficial for the fairy. This develops a giving habit in your kids and do something for others.

Decide what to do with this tooth

There are various traditions that are associated with child tooth loss. You should make a decision that what you will do with your child’s tooth when he/she loses it.

Do the things that seem like a magic

For the kids, everything that looks like magic is most satisfying and exciting. You should try to do something that seem some magic fairy does it. Try to use the return gift and certificate or letter from the fairy in case you follow the tradition of the tooth fairy.

Think about the return gift

It is great to provide kids some reward in return for the lost tooth in order to make them happy. When kids see lots of notes under their pillow or to see their favorite dream gift, they feel fantastic. You should do things more simply according to your financial status.

Save the teeth

For parents, it is important to preserve the baby’s milk teeth. You can use it in the future to save their lives and also significant to keep the memory of their childhood.


In conclusion, a tooth fairy certificate template is used by the parents to make tooth fairy certificate for their kids when they loss their teeth. In order to share this tradition with your kids, you should start this celebration with its first tooth.

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